What a waste.

I do not have time to mingle with mongrels. Leave your inquiries and I will see to them eventually. (Provided they aren't incredibly boring, that is)

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Okaaaayyy, askaglaceon. This is what I meant to have done last night. I am somewhat more pleased with this one. Although I do wish I could make the left (her right) hair more interesting, at least the middle section looks better… Also I learned the stabilizer tool exists, maybe I’ll use that every once in awhile.

Now I just need to learn how to shade and use SAI more effectively. Gigi is fun to draw so I might draw more of her in the future, but for now I’m done with this current image.


I tried to draw askaglaceon's Gigi. Emphasis on tried. I dunno how to draw… I spent five to six hours attempting to make this look better from the sketch(?). I uploaded both because I wasn't sure which I liked more. I regret not making the sketch blacker. Hopefully I learned a thing or two from this. I wanted to have a drawing done by tonight and… Yeah, this is the outcome. I skipped shower/dinner for this…  

I drew her upset and tired because she didn’t like me drawing her, and for some reason I’m imagining this is what she’s like in the morning upon waking up. I screwed up the hair and wasn’t sure how to fix it, among other things… Drawing is fucking hard; don’t let anyone fool you. The last image is one of her first drawings, and so I used it as a reference (I will take it down if anyone wants).

I heard pokesonas

I’m going to redesign her sometime soon though since she’s super old ;;

Her name is Red and she might as well be a separate character

Confirm Purchase: DLC

Cost: 800FOLLOWS

FOL: 800


- 800FOL