What a waste.

I do not have time to mingle with mongrels. Leave your inquiries and I will see to them eventually. (Provided they aren't incredibly boring, that is)

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I heard body swap and I came running

I got a bunch of asks about the profiles so alright. Okay.

Please don’t harass these people on behalf of whoevers stuff they stole, thats the one thing I’m afraid might happen. If it does happen, well, I’ll take responsibility.

If you want to do something, just report them and move on.

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god I hate talking about stuff like this it bothers the hell out of me but like

I’ve been going through the friends lists of the fb accounts with stolen characters/artwork of characters from ask blogs trying to find like…a tumblr link or email or something to contact them through and ask what was up w/ them and there’s a lot more accounts than you’d think

idk I don’t want to make a post with them because I feel like thats too…witchhunty? but I might if people are actually interested in it.

Also all of the accounts save for one are stealing from the same two people which is just…really saddening imo sorry that has to happen.

Flats or very simple shading for a single character.

i think flats would work

general consensus here seems to be flats so this is what I might go with hhh

Anonymous inquired:
Would you be worried if people were roleplaying your muse on facebook? I've seen a post going around about it and I'd like to know.

I’ve been staring at this ask for like 5min b/c what

I wouldn’t be worried but I’d be disappointed and prolly even mad b/c thats my character and art and stuff.

You guys know that like

you can get the account taken down tho right

by you guys I mean peoples followers and stuff like if everyone who cared reported those accounts they’d be gone

like this

obv more reports fb staff gets abt the same thing = getting dealt with faster

figured I might pop in here to ask since this is where I’ll most likely get an answer

What like…kind of art would be worth $13.50? I’ve never taken a commission in my life but I want to do one for exactly $13.50. I don’t know how that should like, look, though.

This is a really weird question but basically like. would $13.50 art have a background? would it be shaded? etc. etc. I just don’t know how to price my stuff.

I’m gonna cr y I accidentally logged into an old blog that I forgot existed and I found old art of mine and the posts say “a year ago” but it has to be older than that they’re all so bad like I actually feel bad looking through it and I just

I just did a quick redraw of one of the first ones I saw

I love improvement

For anyone who has been following the DLC, It’s actually date time. You just pick the character you want to see Ringo interact with from the poll, it’s that easy.

When I come back from vacation, I’ll write the interaction for whoever is picked. So, this is sorta my way of keeping things busy until then?

I’ll be doing these little otome game events every time I hit a follower milestone (don’t worry, they’ll be shorter now that intros are out of the way) and every time there’s an event, I’ll have a poll set up like this.

Once a character gets picked three times in a row, the game ends. Don’t worry, in true otome game fashion it’ll be replayable, but to avoid repetition all choices made before wont be available again.